Another year over and out. And thanks to those crazy kids bombing out Instagram with their hashtag Coachella spam, we mere cretans who missed out on it this year also missed out on all the cyber fun. Boo! I have to admit, I was hard pressed with finding street style shots of festival revellers on this post. There was just too much of an influx of on trend crop tops and round sunglasses for my liking. It was actually an insufferable process trying to find ensembles that stuck out and made a real statement for all the right reasons. Everything kind of amalgamated. And with that did anyone catch that article from Refinery29 talking about the Jenner’s and their ‘hipster’ get-ups? I couldn’t help but feel so seriously relieved that someone is finally saying it; though they’re obviously not the only ones.

This is an obnoxious new era of faddish ‘hippie’ style dressing strictly reserved for these celebrated festivals that have now turned into costume parties more than anything else. Hippie bell-bottoms and “vintage” rock band tees that ninety percent of music goers would never don in their everyday lives, ever again. And it all kinda pisses me off for some reason. If you recall past posts here and here these feelings are nothing new. What ever happened to the music? Which, correct me if I am wrong this is a music festival isn’t it? Dressing like “hippie’s” all for the sake of getting photographed and gaining more likes and new followers on Instagram? Ah, no. And those comparing it to Woodstock? Sure Woodstock was all about getting naked, but they also rolled in mud. Getting high and being at one with the music and nature around them. Being at one with everything. There was a point and message to the three day festival. It broke records and brought on a new age. It was all peace and love not narcism.


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