Move over PS11 and hello Heroine! I’m sorry but I’ve officially fallen for another. I am completely and irrevocably smitten with this dandy blush McQueen. Sure she costs a pretty penny or two thousand (to be exact) but look at those lines! Architectural brilliance they are. I know a lot of you will be up in arms over this, that given the choice you’d pick Proenza any day, but hear me out on this one will you. They’re both in equal price ranges and they are both quite compact in size, however deceivingly generous on the inside.

What the humble Proenza has that McQueen does not is an over saturation out on the streets. It seems these days every style blogger and their dogs are carrying a PS-something but the lovely Heroine series are a rare species out there. You might see one or two out and about, but that is it. And why? Because it’s lusted over discreetly, treasured and worn by a select few who want to remain ahead of the pack; who prefer anonymity over brashness. And no I am not hating on Proenza Schouler and their following – please don’t misinterpret this as that when it’s not. Hell, you’ll probably see me carrying one of those bad boys in the next few weeks even, but my point was that I just wanted to divert your eyes to something else. To something more. To another bag that isn’t exactly part of that ‘in’ crowd but proudly stands alone and is not afraid to run her own race.

Either way, shop her right here.


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