I don’t know if you guys know how much I love Peet from For Peets Sake blog. She’s definitely in my top five girl blog crushes for sure. I mean this girl is astonishingly gorgeous and works black, blonde or blue hair like no other. She also has an incredibly impressive way with words. I mean, girlfriend will make you laugh and then cry, blindly amaze you and at times want to hurl your lunch down the toilet with the knowledge she’ll hit you up with. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times she has made me laugh out loud in a public space just from reading one of her posts. And I mean literally laughed out loudly too. And though we have many a thing in common one thing is for sure, we both adore our little pooch companions. And honestly if oceans did not separate us little Leos and Chanel would be playmates and besties for sure.

We may or may not be crazy dog ladies in your eyes, but f*** it we don’t care, we own it because there is nothing crazy about our love for our little furry babies. Hence the need for this little collaboration. The world needs to know just how awesome our canine babies truly are. I mean our constant blog posting and referencing, photographing and incessant Instagraming is just not enough people. You need to know that they are so much than just pretty, smoochie, fluffy faces.

Now do yourself a favour and make sure you check out Peet’s little Leos on her blog right now. My only regret is that the masses were not informed about their awesomeness sooner.


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