vegas baby!

I’ve never actually been to Vegas myself, only really seen it from afar through glossy travel brochures and magazine editorials and of course pixelated on television and computer screens, but I’ve always envisioned that my first sojourn into Sin City would be started off via a helicopter ride at dusk or in some extravagant black SUV. Zooming through those grandiose flashing lights and fountains, everything blurring past into a rainbow wall of neons and sheer excitement. I actually have a bit of a crush on this town. All that glitz and glamour, sparkle and animation. It’s pretty electrifying when you think about it all. So when I was contacted by and invited to participate in their Vegas style challenge, I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of. I mean, it’s Vegas baby!

The challenge is basically my take on a day at the Aria Resort and Casino. What I’d do, see and wear. So where does one begin in a city that never sleeps? Well in my books it pretty much starts with a calorie laden breakfast (or more likely, brunch) with my crew on a kind size bed. I mean, greasy food, great company, white sheets and my body sprawled out like a pig in mud with a view of the town, what is not better than that to start ones day? And since it’s probably like a billion degrees outside I’ll need to hit the pools straight after our feast. Some good tunes and some decadent cocktails at Liquid Lounge to help cure our indulgent food coma of hours past. Just chilling in the sunny Vegas sunlight in a two piece bathing suit for comfort and spontaneous dips in the pool. And add some colourful, yet practical bling on ones arm since it is Vegas after all, and a bit of sparkle is practically mandatory at all times, and of course being Australian, denim cut offs are just an essential sartorial piece in my books.

Lauren bikini by Lisa Marie Fernandez
Bambi pouch by Givenchy
Rainbow bracelet by Hipanema
Midnight eclipse aviator by Victoria Beckham
Bandits shorts by One Teaspoon
Embellished snake effect sandals by Giuseppe Zanotti

And after a hard day of relaxation and soaking in a years worth of Vitamin D, naturally we begin feeling slightly peckish and as the sun bids adieu to this side of the world our energy levels are at an all time high, so up to our rooms we go to get ready for a big Vegas night out. A night that may or may not be reminiscent of those Hangover movies. And a big night in this town for me means starting it with dinner at Sage, then off to try our luck with a bit of blackjack at the casino. Now, I hate gambling because I am the sorest of losers. All it takes is a loss of $2 and I turn into the Hulk. True story. But since this is Vegas my Hulk tendencies will have been left behind back home, locked away to see an adventure another day. And as the night goes on we’ll end up taking the shenanigans off to the fabulous Gold Lounge, for which my nighttime ensemble ties into perfectly.

Vintage oval bag by Chanel
Silk camisole by Tibi
Windrose cuff by Elizabeth & James
Geo sundown skirt by Needle & Thread
Lang lame glitter heels by Jimmy Choo

So what do you guys do in Vegas? And, more importantly, what would you wear and to where?


sonia // daring coco
sonia // daring coco

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