Where in the world would we be if not for Pinterest and spontaneously stumbling upon surprisingly random and seriously crazy-cool creations? Like this one from my last adventure through the playground. Honestly words truly fail to describe how much I am crushing on Nastya Nudnik’s Emoji-Nation series of works. They’re utterly exceptional, and much like the piece I wrote about transforming unapproachable and domineering classical sculptures into present day hipsters (refresh your memory here), this is yet another feat of synonymous marvel in successfully combining iconic ancient works of art with technological symbolism of the twenty-first century. It’s essentially an “Artwork for dummies”, manuel, easily giving viewers a cleverly clear and concise way of interpreting these works. Though personally I hope this remains solely as facetious internet humour and not a sudden movement that sweeps into galleries worldwide, attempting to modernise the experience by adding those “emoji’s” alongside the placard detailing the title and artist history. I mean it’s definitely a long shot but for me that would just take the fun out of the whole art gallery sojourn.

I decided to separate this post into two since I don’t want to inundate your screens with an overload of imagery. I firmly believe these need to be admired properly with ones solely devoted attention. I’m also having quite the trouble in trying to elect just one favorite. Out of the above I do think the first of Edward Hopper’s paintings, Sunday, warms my heart most. A pensive man with Instagrams “no new followers” badge looming above is pretty amusing, yet totally relatable since I’m sure most of have felt that way at some point in our social media standings, no? Oh and the Conference At Night with the “I feel lonely” tweet is pretty hilarious alongside the favoriting and re-tweeting motifs of his companions. It also sheds a sad light into our generations way of excessively and publicly expressing needs and emotions, yet somehow despite it all, we are slowly becoming so truly isolated and alone.



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