I haven’t done one of these Instagram roundups in a while now and since I’m still a little stuck on ideas I figured it might be fun to look back upon the past six months and see just how little I’ve managed to accomplish. Seriously though, six months already? Urgh, why Universe, why? I know, the last thing you want to do is to read about pessimism and negativity but I’m in a little funk right now guys so apologies in advance. I’ll endeavour to keep it peachy-keen though. But any words of encouragement or general good vibes from you guys would be most welcome by the way.

I think my main problem is that I feel like I’ve fallen into a blogging dead-end. A monotonous routine of creating the same content over and over. And while I don’t feel like my journey on here is ending per se, in fact it’s quite the opposite as I feel like I’m only just scraping the surface, it’s the fact that I’m still just scraping that surface that is bothersome. Is it just me or do I seem to recapitulate the same content and reiterate the same points over and over? Nothing is exciting me right now and hasn’t really been for a while now if I’m completely honest. Everything I seem to come up with feels so dull. Have any of you ever felt this way in your own blogging pursuit? You know, that you’re continually singing the same tune while yearning for a different verse, perhaps even a different genre? And in that statement I think lies my solution. I need to change things up, do something different, but what is that exactly?

Is there anything you guys would love to see me delve into here? Beauty topics for example? I was actually contemplating going down that road since I’m such a fan of my girl Gita from Odds & Ends’ beauty write-ups. I entertained the thought of highlighting some of my favorite products, but then again I am a creature of habit and tend to be somewhat unadventurous when it comes to those things since I am fiercely loyal to the brands I love. Like were you to give me a bottle of MAC foundation I’d dramatically toss it across the room and let it shatter into a million pieces and spill muck over my walls before letting a drop touch my face. I’m a NARS girl all the way you see. Then again, it might be a perfect way to break free from this cycle and try something new, no? I don’t know, it was really only a thought and I’m kind of struggling right now so someone pitch me some new ideas to venture into over here! I really would love to know what you guys think though so let me know below in the comments.

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