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It’s officially winter for my side of the world and for the top half, that means it’s obviously summer. Henceforth an influx of vacation sojourns, bronzed bare legs and beach bum days are set to invade feeds everywhere. Now I’ve said this before and you’re darn right I’ll definitely mention it again, but I firmly believe I was born on the wrong side of the hemisphere. Even though I have a preference for the cold, there is just something about this time of year that leaves my nomad soul yearning for a slightly warmer climate. And maybe it’s that surge of Instagram summertime decadency that leaves my heart aflutter and inspires this muse me series. Or perhaps it’s just heeding to and reading about the adventures of fellow creatives who’ve decided to trek on over to that other side of the globe for a few blissful weeks that changes my thought preferences.

I’ve also noticed how my inclination for certain types of music dramatically changes along with the passing seasons. Rather than finding solace in mellow tunes and classical notes while seated beside an open fire during the colder part of the year, I’ve found that I tend to sway more towards dance rhythms and electric beats. You know, the kind of tunes you’d find yourself absorbing while at summer festivals, spontaneous roadtrips and such. The same goes for the warmer ones; I sway towards chill-out tunes. Those sluggish and soulful kinds too. Weird, I know, but further proof to my theory that I belong on the top half of planet Earth. But anyway, I am curious, do any of you notice the same tendencies and changes that come with the changing seasons? Because I know I can’t be alone in this eccentricity.

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sonia // daring coco
sonia // daring coco

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