punk at the beach

punk at the beachpunk at the beachpunk at the beachpunk at the beachpunk at the beachpunk at the beach

punk at the beach

Codie Young photographed by Philip Riches and styled by Woo Lee for W Korea.

First allow me to begin by giving thanks to all those sweet people who took the time to lend a helping hand to a struggling fellow blogger at my last post. Your words of optimism and through sharing your own personal experiences helped make that fog much clearer to navigate within. Though I’m not out of those proverbial woods per se, I am hopeful that I’ll come out of them a brand new woman. So I’ve taken some time to brain storm ideas, some are pitiful and others outrageously impossible at this stage, but I am hopeful I’ll uncover some middle ground between the two. And who knows I may possibly be able to venture into those more extravagant concepts of mine within the next few months. I’m staying positive however but feel free to contact me if you have any other suggestions, I truly do adore all your thoughts and opinions so send them my way.

So whilst I’m in the midst of creating a plan of attack I’ll stick to my roots and share this editorial with you. And since one or two of these punk at the beach images are hanging up on my mood board right now, inspiring me with my every glance, it was a no-brainer really. And I think what I love most about this, is the eccentric escapade my mind dares upon whenever I find myself appreciating this punk at the beach editorial. For me, it kind of resembles a land before time, that prehistoric age of true nomads and their fight for utter survival. Wandering through an untouched Earth, through sandy plains and salty air, wet spaces and rocky surfaces. A place merged with factuality and fictions, and one where our Neanderthal ancestors donned Pucci and Valentino and were not partial to arm parties. I admire the strong tribal connotations and the overall sense of mystery this whole editorial evokes within, especially that scene of hand movement in the first and last images. Almost as if she’s speaking to an imaginary friend or perhaps staving off a cheating lover. Or maybe it’s something much more sinister, like an approaching carnivorous predator. The again maybe she’s just engaging in a simple sun dance. The possibilities are endless no?

So what does this conjure up for you?


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