When I first glimpsed these cookies over on Novelstyle, a blog by Ileana I knew I had to immediately pursue them. Mostly because they hinted at being fairly idiot-proof for an incident prone person such as myself but more importantly they looked pretty damn delectable. Now that is reason in itself.

And if you’re wondering if these were good or not, let me tell you oh boy were they! And I mean, they were really, truly incredible.

Now if your quite familiar with Novelstyle you would have cleverly noticed that I flattened these cookies, rather than shaping them into perfectly petite sized walnut pieces. Truth be told, I didn’t exactly have the literal condiments needed that her original recipe called for. And since I wouldn’t allow a few stubborn shortages to deter me from preparing these, I improvised.

The root of my problem happened to be some troublesome coconut pieces. Turns out I just didn’t have enough of the desiccated stuff on hand. So I impulsively added some shredded coconut I found laying about in the pantry. I wasn’t too concerned though since I presumed some chunky pieces laced throughout would only serve to add texture.

Luckily for me the Kitchen Gods were in my favor. All of these changes could have proven disastrous, especially considering biscuits and the like are not my forte (I just don’t like getting my hands dirty, you know). And those who’ve been reading this blog for some time now would probably be wondering what the hell was this b*** thinking changing s***? So to answer that question lovers, who the hell knows? Weird s*** goes through my mind when I’m in that kitchen and that day I was apparently being all “chef-y” and pretentious. I also (very poorly) added some decorative large sugar crystals and shredded coconut to their tops before cramming them into the oven. Fortunately the crystals ended up contributing a nice crunch. And the coconut, well the majority of them annoyingly went and got themselves slightly burnt. Which was, completely not my fault. But thankfully the subtle sweetness of the coconut within the biscuit itself dazzled, rendering those orange buggers palatably insignificant.

A big thank you to Ileana for sharing these with us. And if you’ve enjoyed visually devouring these make sure you go and view the original recipe here on Novelstyle.


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