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Yet another month ended and another month of a disoriented not-so-cold-winter over here. It is also yet another month of serendipitous European daydreaming for me. You know, there is just something utterly intoxicating about this time of year and in particular, living vicariously through the adventures of others, especially via our good pal Instagram. The way those filters make every scene appear flawless! Water is always immaculately cerulean like; mirroring the heavens above, protectively camouflaging those reflected lone clouds within it’s waves like an obsessive mother hen. Illustrious concrete jungles glisten and gleam under a sizzling hot sun like no other and those notorious food snaps never fail to make ones mouth water. Though that can actually be quite the dilemma if you’re out and about in a public space. I mean, no one wants to see a grown-ass woman drooling onto her crisp white shirt over someones rainbow gelato!

That said, it is also entirely different in viewing those impressive snaps within the comfort of ones home, snug as a bug beside the heater whilst a pitiful spray of rain coats the window pane, to actually experiencing that unbearable heat. For which I almost always fail to remember. So whilst you are all being fabulous sun bunnies, I’ll continue to observe from the sidelines (and in a totally non-creeper way), and dream of luscious pastel skies, denim cut-offs and Birkenstock situations. And all while attempting not to bore you with all my winter woes, which have nothing to do with the weather itself. Partly, anyway.


sonia // daring coco
sonia // daring coco

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