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I was perusing the pages of Inside Out magazine recently when a singular line caught my immediate attention.

August is a month for getting things done.

It really got me thinking. All those plans and ideas that I’d spent many a late night tirelessly penning have been cast aside, abandoned and inert while awaiting my summons. And I’ve been lingering for what exactly? Now is the time to seize the moment. Because the thing is if you don’t do it now then when will you? So with that apologies in advance as I attempt to keep to my word and begin the process of making some huge changes around here. And I’m not just hinting at layouts and design, (yes, yawn again) I’m talking about content and expanding its reaches. Please be patient with me. I’ll continue to entertain you faithfully and endeavour to visit your blogs sporadically. Much like I have been these past few weeks anyway. I’ll still be around on other social media sites like Instagram: @soniademacedo and Facebook so follow along (if you haven’t already) to keep up with my madness. I’m curious though, after reading this yourself are there any plans you made that are still idle or forgotten? Are you going to make August your b*** and get s*** done?

Carpe that f***ing diem.


sonia // daring coco
sonia // daring coco

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