covet #15

faux tattoo chokers

Is it outlandish to be coveting something I once truly and completely utterly despised? Something I hastily trashed upon its discovery in an old jewellery box some years ago? I actually remember gasping in mock horror when I uncovered some faux tattoo chokers and bracelets. I was completely mortified that these pieces from my Spice Girls loving days still lurked unused in my childhood drawers. It felt like I stumbled upon the most loathsome of spiders and I needed to dispose of it immediately. I remember clutching my once beloved faux tattoo chokers between sheets of toilet paper, terrified that the stretchy black plastic would brush against my skin and tarnish it with vile cheapness. Worst still was the shame that soon followed. Shame that I still possessed such atrocious nineties monstrosities, especially those in faux tattoo choker form.

And yet here we are lovers. A mere few years later and for some inexplicable reason I can not seem to cease my lust for these once fashion faux pas. Maybe it’s because I’ve encountered numerous style mavens out on the streets adorned in faux tattoo chokers. Seeing them out on edgy trendsetters that also posses real attitude has me viewing faux tattoo chokers in a shiny new perspective. Girls styling them with a thick cat eyes and bold blood red lips has modernised them and vamped up their cool factor yet again. And while you’ll never again see me pairing them with a spaghetti strap tank and sky high ponytail, *shudders* I can certainly envision these with a fierce denim jacket, a strappy gold watch and a minimalist gold bracelet.

Simple is the key to making these work.


sonia // daring coco
sonia // daring coco

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