They save the best for last and Paris is certainly no exception.

And regardless of the rainbow spectrum of brights and comical prints, the minimalism of the fair Parisienne dame still stands supreme in my eyes. The French do style best, always have and always will. And why is this so? Perhaps it’s because it is the birthplace of Haute Couture? Or maybe they’re just born with sartorial grace, effortlessly pairing back pieces and hues like an art form. Actually an article I read (somewhere on the Internets, possibly Vogue Australia) hypothesised on the subject a few weeks ago, pondering the million dollar question, “why are the French so enviably chic?” The conclusion was that they do not follow trends. Simple enough and makes a world of sense when you think about it. They wear what they like and do so with incorruptible confidence. Which is what style should be all about. No over-thinking, not that you’re carrying that “it” mini handbag nor that your coat costs more than what most people make in monthly wages. Style is an uncomplicated expression of oneself and should always remain that way; in my humble opinion anyway.

Who here agrees with me on this? How do you actually see and define style yourselves? Is it through labels and flashy things or more to do with the physical person who carries pieces and how they’ve defined themselves within them? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic lovers. Don’t be shy, drop me a line below in the comments.


sonia // daring coco
sonia // daring coco

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