covet #16

bohemian boots

Be still my beating heart!

Honestly, if I had a dollar for every time I uttered such a phrase on this blog. I do hope you aren’t too sick of hearing such commotions from me. In all seriousness, when I first came across these Goddess like bohemian boots online, they truly took my breath away. Because just look at how gloriously wonderful these bohemian boots by Italian powerhouse house Emilio Pucci really are. If you ask me, these are a sight to behold and an actual work of art. So decadently bohemian and with a pinch of gypsy magnificence but most importantly that touch of the all important rock ‘n’ roll for some fierce, not-here-to-mess-around vibes. These are almost too good to wear out.


While these bad boy bohemian boots might have cost you an arm and leg, key statement pieces like these that are made with exceptional quality and craftsmanship usually do. While these embellished delights are sadly sold out, I can’t help myself but perpetually dream and yearn for these to be standing tall and vibrantly proud in my wardrobe. And then there are also pinnings and visualisations of these bohemian boots paired with that classic little black dress or perhaps adorned in black lace, quite possibly sheer and with maybe a dose of leather for good measure and of course the pièce de résistance a dark, vamp style lip for date night.

I’ve been praying and chanting to the shoe Gods to help me get a hold of these and make them all mine. While they are sold out, you can still shop a selection of bohemian boots below. The majority of these finds will not be asking you to sacrifice your first born either.

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