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I don’t think I’ve been quite so enamoured with words before encountering this quote. The ocean certainly has that je ne sais quoi and when you think about it, so do we. I can’t help but find similarities to humanity in these words too, because there really is something beautiful about us all. We posses powers and abilities to create and be and this world offers us infinite possibilities to do so. In our essence we seek and crave serenity and peace; both within ourselves and in the world around us. Deep down we are all magnificent beings in our own right. We are individually unique and special; worthy of all good.

But we’re also a terribly irritable bunch. And at times incredibly hateful, not only to one another but most alarmingly to the planet we populate. And this has been plaguing my mind lately. Because Planet Earth has been incredibly patient with our nonsense. And like poking a bear, eventually luck runs dry and it retaliates uncontrollably. So now more than ever we need to cease all ignorance and begin tending to her needs. Because if we don’t then who will? (Obama said it best at the recent G20 summit.) Do we really want to be forever cemented in history as that bunch of people who did nothing, who changed not a damn thing? A generation seemingly so consumed in self indulgence and without remorse for future generations? Selfish and lackadaisical, overlooking all responsibility? Because that is exactly how we will be remembered. Not for the good and great but for allowing our climate to continually disintegrate further and dangerously beyond repair.

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sonia // daring coco
sonia // daring coco

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