It’s officially the beginning of December (how is this even possible?) and while I hardly need an excuse nor permission to lust away, I figured twelve days of Christmas was a fine and justifiable reason to do that very thing today. And boy did I have fun preparing this little wishlist. Twelve days, twelve (more or less) lavishly ostentatious items that would make any gal burst at the seams with pure glee and contentment. So on the first day of Christmas and my true love gave to me… ALL THE THNGS! Yes you read that right, I want all the things. I can’t help it, there are far too many material pieces I feel compelled to possess. Things like Italian crafted shoes and various coffee table books, a MacBook Air and a Jeep. I’d really like a Jeep Santa. Undecided on a model though, maybe I’ll let Santa do the deciding for me. As long as it’s from the Cherokee or Wrangler lines, obviously.

Anyway without further ado, let me present to you my covetable twelve days of Christmas.

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a fabulous fine jewellery set by Lito. 14 karat gold, adorned in diamonds and a geometric shape; oh yes please. Plus a clean and dainty design paired with super fierce lines that create a beautifully charismatic statement. No one is going to want to mess with the girl who wears these. Separately or together. She may or may not accompany such fierceness with some slick leather somethings and sky high you-know-whats. Oh and quite possibly a little Saint Laurent here or there and lips enhanced with something uber vibrant from MAC.

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me an array of much needed interior pieces. Being in the (stagnant) process of moving out I am very much in an “out with the old, in with the new” frame of mind. It’s become deeply rooted and with that the search need for pretty little decor pieces to embellish throughout this new space; wherever that may be (curse you ridiculously overpriced Melbourne market). Like that amazing Chanel pillowcase which has two obvious meanings for me. And then there is that print. Oh that print, I dream of hanging thee in this new place, atop or resting amongst a wooden console table and paired with a softly scented Cire Trudon.

On the third day of Christmas I definitely want need a navy pair of Manolo Blahnik Hangisi pumps. Or if you’d rather, those blue beauties from the Sex and the City Movie. You know, that pair. I honestly think every single fashionista or SATC lover forever dreams about traipsing about in these shoes at some point in their lives. Be it in New York City itself or in the comfort of your own living room’s bamboo floor. Either way you’ll be painting the night blue, wherever you find yourself.

Since I have a mild obsession with coffee table books (ok perhaps not mild but overly obsessive), on the fourth day of Christmas my true love would know to spoil me with a good six or seven hardcover copies. For me they’re like miniature works of art filled with the loveliest of words and escorted with glorious photography. Aside from great reading material they also make for some pretty dazzling home decor at that. These days it seems like everyones artfully styling their coffee tables or lining their bookshelves with them. Somehow it’s become a new “trend” to showcase books in such a way and there is actual Instagram proof of this new hipster phenomena, regardless that people had been doing this for years now. I’ve been lusting over this collection of Frank Lloyd Wright works for years now. And that Kate Moss has frighteningly remained slightly untouchable.

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love brought me a small handful of Samantha Wills crystal necklaces. Rose quartz for love, amethyst for strength and howlite for serenity. I’ve been actively embracing and collecting crystals this year, not just for their enchantingly impossible creation but for their energy and general good vibes. Actually, as you begin the process of delving deeper into their meanings and symbology, they become rather addictive. Once you start you just can’t stop. That said if I begin becoming obsessively crazy like Spencer Pratt did towards the end of The Hills, then someone immediately intervene please.

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me one pair of perforated espadrilles, one stripy muscle sleeved tank and a black vegan leather bralette from Seed. Because one humble pair of Manolo’s are simply not enough for me, I need yet another pair to add to my collection. And these are perforated and black and white and did I say perforated? Perforated. It’s summer over here you know so perforated stuff is mandatory, especially in todays not so glorious humidity. Summer you really suck sometimes. And yeah, I completely need to add even more stripes to my closet too.

On the seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me a candle by Tom Dixon, another candle by Jonathon Adler, perfume by Chanel and more perfume by Byredo, lipstick, nail polish and bronzer by NARS and a super luxurious hand cream by Grown Alchemist. Swooning over all the above, like, seriously. I’ve been dying to get my hands over that Coco Noir and that Tom Dixon candle. Anything that contains or makes use of decadent marble in the packaging itself totally has me at hello.

On the eighth day of Christmas my true love gifted me this beyond striking gold watch by Michael Kors. Gold and gold and more bloody gold oh my! This right here, this watch is what dreams are seriously made of. Another timeless timepiece encrusted with copious precious little stones and contrasting roman numerals and dials. I think what I adore most about this is how edgy and sporty it remains despite it’s serious glam factor. It really does make a statement and screams uniqueness even though, it’s not. And it’s almost too special to wear. Almost. I just want this on my wrist and I want need this on it immediately.

On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me a leopard print Dilan tote by Chloe. I’ve been stuck searching for a shopper for some months now since there are far too many charming options out there for a girl to decide between. For example Givenchy or ValentinoChloe or Sophie Hulme? Then I saw the same Chloe I’d been swooning over but in leopard print and it too had me at hello.

And on the tenth day of Christmas my wonderful true love gifted me another bag in the same print. During my search I also encountered the same leopard print but in a shoulder bag design and since I could’t decide between the two I said screw it, I’ll have both. A slight case of Veruca Salt syndrome happening here but whatever, I said I want it and I want it nooooow.

On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave me even more gold. Because this Brooke Gregson necklace has my name all over it and literally my zodiac sign and constellation; Aquarius. Ok, so perhaps the latter is in no way a coincidence but believing so makes the hefty price tag worthwhile. Not that my heart needs convincing, it’s that retched head of mine, insisting on being so overly sensible and stuff. It doesn’t matter that this too has been something I’ve been searching for. A necklace with an oval or circular pendent doesn’t appear to be something one would be hard pressed in locating but let me tell you it is. It really is.

On the twelve day of Christmas my true love gave to me a caviar vanity bag, a gold coin bracelet, a maxi 2.55 handbag, another gold bracelet and a black basketball. My true love spoiled me with vintage Chanel. Vintage Chanel. Say no more. Who wouldn’t be impressed with vintage Chanel? I dare you to find such a being. I’ve been lusting over a maxi quilted handbag since forever so whenever one pops up online I am as giddy as a child in a candy store. Then I see the price and my mind reminds me of reality. One day, Sonia, one day. Anyhoo, imagine actually receiving these on Christmas morn? Even just one piece. I imagine you’d be pretty impressed. Especially with that basketball. It wouldn’t be for obvious use, except on a drunken Friday night with that uninvited “friend of a friend” house guest. It does make an interesting talking point that’s for sure. The only thing that could top that basketball would be a Chanel surfboard.

So, how’d you guys like my twelve days of Christmas then? Apologies, this was one hell of a long post so thank you to those who stuck with it and read all twelve ramblings. I’m chuffed and truly hoped you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed composing it and I’d love to know what your favorites were. Actually I’d love to know what you’re actually hoping for this Christmas, be it as frivolous as a Chanel surfboard or something personally more meaningful. Oh, and if you have the secret to acquiring all these pieces above with the snap of a finger then please, prey tell.



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