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Happy (belated) New Year and new blogging year greetings lovers. I sincerely hope you all had the most wonderful Christmas and Holiday break. I actually hadn’t anticipated returning quite so late into 2015. Personally I wanted to begin the new blogging year with an exciting announcement of changes to come, and of course a brand-spanking new layout. But I decided to throw caution to the wind and just begin; plans and my perfectionist self be damned.

So what did and have you been up to? How are you opting to begin your own new blogging year? I personally haven’t been doing much myself. The usual making of unrealistic plans whilst attempting to organise myself. All the while simultaneously loathing the humidity and heat extremes that an Australian summer brings.

When it comes to making plans, they mostly relate to this blog in general and the overall direction. Aside from a new blog layout, I’ve been looking into the content aspect and thinking of adding some more solid topics to the list. Things that may not relate to fashion such as food. Not just the sweet, food porn kind but also serving some savoury and even moving towards health orientated menu. Something which is a complete contrast to the former. I’ve also been itching to include interviews and collaborations with fellow blog friends into the mix. To be honest, there’s quite a dream-list in production and I don’t want to revel everything just yet. Currently I’m more focused in the excruciating process of working out some kinks with the layout. Worst yet, deciding on typography. So once I can settle on something I know I’ll be content with I can push forward. If all goes well, by the months end. But famous last words,

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