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Happy belated New Year greetings lovers. I actually hadn’t anticipated returning quite so soon as I wanted to begin the new blogging year with an exciting announcement of changes to come and of course a brand-spanking new layout. But I’ve just missed y’all terribly so I decided to throw caution to the wind and just begin; plans be damned! I sincerely hope you guys had the most wonderful Christmas and holiday season. What did and have you all been up to since then? I haven’t been doing much myself, just making plans and dying from the humidity and heat an Australian summer brings. Speaking of plans they mostly relate to this blog in general and it’s overall direction. Aside from a new blog layout I’ve been looking into the content aspect and thinking of adding more solid topics to the list. Things that relate more to lifestyle than fashion such as more food. Not just the sweet kind but also serving some savoury and health ideas. I’ve also been itching to include interviews and collaborations with fellow blog friends into the mix. There’s quite a list actually but I don’t want to revel everything just yet and ruin the grand surprise! Currently I’m in the excruciating process of working out some kinks but worst still deciding on (one kind of) typography, so once I get my butt into gear, put on my big girl panties and make some actual decisions then shit will go live. Hopefully by the months end.

Pinkie swear.


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