Back in November my girl Gita informed me that I was the lucky winner of the rad 3 Ptice giveaway she’d held over on her blog Odds & Ends. I was pretty chuffed because for one I love this girl, she is so beyond pretty and cool and just plain awesome. And secondly I was overly eager to receive the prize itself. So imagine my surprise when right before Christmas, bam, it arrived and man did it make my day because it was more dope in person than on screen. Suffice to say this made one epic early Christmas gift. 

Let me tell you a little bit more about 3 Ptice. It is the love child of fellow blogger and creative extraordinaire Anita Puksic. Her products are made and sourced with one clear goal in mind, to be as eco-friendly as possible. And in todays disposable and deteriorating world being conscious and considerate of such things is so very vital, especially in the world of fashion which has become so easily attainable and with that excessive and most times wasteful. 

I’ve taken this bad boy out a few times now. Once to the beach and a handful of times to the shops. This bag demands attention and it’s been a joy to watch the curious looks of passersby. From the intrigue of bearded hipsters and dolls kitted out in vintage 90’s Levi’s, to the interest of street style mavens. It turns heads and I can’t decide if that is a good thing or not since I tend to shy away from the limelight. Most of all I adore the hand stamped message, which has been such a powerful reminder to just get shit done, especially during times were you just want to curl up and cry. It’s like that positive, motivational speaking cheer squad you wish you had minus the annoying chanting, song and dance. It nudges you to push forth, reminding you that when life gives you lemons, you get the f*** up and return the favor by handing it the best damn tasting lemonade ever made.

You can check out and shop 3 Ptice over on Etsy here.


sonia // daring coco
sonia // daring coco

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