Did anyone else notice a lack of the customary fashion week street style photography? This time of year my social media would be consistently clogged with such feeds and I feel like I hadn’t been as deliciously inundated with these as per usual years. Though I do have an inkling that we can lay blame onto that blizzard that is continuing to blanket the east coast of America. I guess with all the cold and fluffy, icy stuff fashion folks are opting to dash immediately into venues, as opposed to hanging outside and getting captured by a sea of awaiting lenses. What I have seen more of an emphasis placed upon is the actual collections and designs coming down the runway instead. And I have to admit I’ve loved every moment; it is fashion week after all. It is far too easy to become engrossed with the circus and theatrics on the outside that we sometimes forget to pay homage to those designers and teams who’ve worked countless hours to create magic. And speaking of magic I personally had a few runway favorites, like Jason Wu who topped my list. How about you guys? Any pieces caught your eye or captured your hearts?

Oh and how amazing is that Diesel spiked jacket on Gigi Hadid? God, I want that on my body.


images via: style.comelle

sonia // daring coco
sonia // daring coco

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