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Guys, let me begin this post with another round of gratitude for all those lovely birthday well wishes and written sweet nothings. You sure know how to make a girl smile; especially when she’s not feeling the best. That said I am feeling slightly better. Yesterdays epic (and seriously nail biting) Superbowl game has me in much livelier spirits. Patriots baby, whooo! As I’ve gotten older that need for arm parties and the extreme collecting and hoarding of high street “trend” pieces has become more and more unnecessary. But with that, a new love and appreciation for the humble basics has blossomed. Because as individual pieces, like a chameleon, basics have the favourable ability to transform and harmonise with everything around them.

Basics are the ultimate team players.

When it comes to basics I tend to agree with the image above, and for me there are certain key pieces that I believe one must procure. A well-fitted pair of denim jeans, a simple t-shirt and a tough biker jacket (I know some may not consider a biker as “basic” but I do and I am referring to the general design of said jacket here). For me, these are three pieces I would cease to exist without. And I’m not being melodramatic. Because they’re especially perfect for those mornings were you find yourself crawling out of the comforts of bed, tearing through your wardrobe like some feral supernatural being, causing havoc and chaos all in the hopes of finding something decent to wear. In having these three pieces at hand you’ll save yourself from unnecessary drama and avoid moments like these. By placing all three together you have one effortless and polished ensemble at your command.

Has anyone else noted a new found respect or gravitation towards the humble basics with age too? Let me know in the comments.


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