If you’re new to these parts then it may shock you to know that I don’t like girly-girl pieces. All that pink, sparkly and even more pink just isn’t my thing. But once the month of February dawns, the tides change within and I begin to crave the pink stuff. Even the overly glittery too. And I blame this drastic change to my cerebral matter solely on all the Valentines Day’s hype that we’re bombarded with. And despite having to endure this years gaudy celebrations alone, I’m beginning to note that one does not have to be “coupled” to actually enjoy this day. I’ve found Valentine’s Day makes the perfect excuse to splurge on something utterly decadent for oneself. So I suppose this is a post dedicated to all the single ladies out there (though those of you in relationships will obviously benefit from this edit too). Rather than hiding away or being shunned on this day why not indulge in something extra special for yourself? Why not entertain yourself with something pink and pretty? Even if you’ll only use it once then scold yourself later for buying such frivolous pink nonsense. Obviously the later is a scenario more fitting for myself but still, why not? Why should we miss out on all the fun too?

Much love.



Reversible faux fur coat by Nina Ricci

Colour block cuff by Fendi

Classic hip bag by Balenciaga

Sweet talk clutch by Charlotte Olympia

Mirror iPhone 5 cover by Moschino

Wool blend bustier by Marni

Wrap around ring by Wanderlust & Co

Bel Air sunglasses by Wildfox

Blush in Gaiety by NARS

Low skate slip-ons in glitter by Givenchy

sonia // daring coco

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