Summer has officially left the building kids and with it’s departure, the pleasurable beginnings of Autumn can finally blossom. I thrive in this kind of weather. With those overlooked grey skies and that alluring hint of chill flitting about the air. Sweater weather and layers, upon layers of clothing all concealed behind a stylish jacket or velutinous scarf. Indulging in ankle booties and over the knee ones too, fireplaces and endless cups of coffee. Say what you will about autumn (or fall for my American friends), but when it comes to forming outfits, I firmly believe that it is during these months that we have the most freedom with because our choices are purely endless and the selections are wonderfully vast.

I revealed my fashion essentials a few weeks back (refresh your memory here), and while I stand by those choices, I find that as the climate cools considerably I like to include a dependable pair of boots to that list. Versatile and chameleon-like, a puissant pair are a must. One of my many favorites to date is the demure Newbury bootie from Rag & Bone. It’s effortless and no nonsense, simple but quietly bold. I also have a fondness for original classics like a Chelsea bootie or a fierce pair of Dr Martens from UnionJackBoots. Inspirational from a design perspective and cleverly transcendent. It’s pieces like these that take me back to the angst and anarchy of youth; sans the melancholy.

Then there is white denim. Completely dernier cri and undeniably chic. No matter the season, it instantaneously illuminates your outfit and mood, which makes it the perfect transition piece. It makes a point to be dramatically chipper, even if it’s softened with gossamer knits or contrasting hues and patterns like a Breton stripe. And of course one can never do wrong with a biker jacket either. Flattering and kind to all who wear, as well as leaving you with a hint of total badass-ness too. What are your go-to pieces this time of year?



Pocket muscle tank in white by T by Alexander Wang
Pocket singlet top in grey by T by Alexander Wang
Leigh moto ripped jeans in white from Topshop
Leather biker jacket by Boutique
3 angle leather clutch by Jill Sander 
1460 boots in burnished Wyoming by Dr Martens 

sonia // daring coco
sonia // daring coco

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