Let me ask you one thing. When you think of Daring Coco, how do you perceive it? Is it eclectic? Bohemian? Monotonous? Distinguished? Audacious? Wordsmith? Poser? Unoriginal?

An article on Decor8 caught my attention and has me contemplating the possibility of rebranding and redeveloping this blog anew. Starting from scratch with a new platform, unique content and most importantly a different name. Leaving behind the old and onto something new. Greener pastures perhaps? An exciting new beginning for me and a way to properly redesign, completely commit and finally focus on what I’ve always wanted to create here. Beginning with a new name. It really is something I’ve been toying with for a while now. “Daring Coco” seems to be so misunderstood with the masses. And I can see why. It easily comes across as referring to being bold and brave when in fact the true meaning is actually an oxymoron referring to my beloved poochie-pie, who try as she might, is anything but daring. It’s a silly play on words but one that I originally put a fair amount of thought into. I don’t know why but in being so misconceived like this, it irks me to bits. Probably because the same can be said for a lot of things on this blog in general.

It’s no secret that over the past twelve (or more) months I have struggled with providing consistent content that I am satisfied with. I’m feeling inclined towards rebranding and felt a firm itch of late to branch out into other areas and thoroughly explore the lifestyle section of my blog, rather than being so fixated on style. Now don’t get me wrong, I do love fashion but I also have other interests that I’d like to dabble with. The problem lies in being unsure. I don’t know how to begin and I guess I’m a little frightened of scaring some of you away with these changes. Us humans are a stubborn bunch when it comes to change after all. This will be no easy feat. It definitely requires a lot of hard work and dedication considering how I’ll be starting all over again. From the ground up. Especially if I move to a different platform like WordPress or Squarespace.

There are many things keeping me from jumping into this deep end. For one there’s the name itself, aptly titled after my fur-baby Chanel. And I do love it’s flow. Sometimes. It’s far from poetic but memorable nonetheless. A name is quintessential to a brand. It shapes your identity and is the first point of engagement, thus making it a crucial detail. Everything else is forged around it so there has to be a genuine affiliation to make it truly memorable. And isn’t that what you ultimately want in a name; to evoke effortlessly? I feel like the name “Daring Coco” interprets this somewhat. Those words are fun and do refer to an edginess which is what I am all about. But from a typography stand point they’re pretty boring characters to play with too.

And as exciting as this sounds, the thing is do I really want to take this plunge and work my way up once again? Rebranding is no easy feat after all. Going through those tedious motions of adjusting to different programs, creating new profiles, transferring accounts and all? And of course, would you all follow me on this crazy new journey too? Move with me?

Has anyone else been entertaining rebranding? Or better yet taken action? If so, enlighten me please on such an arduous task. Because at the same time I feel such a strong bond with this blog. It is after all my baby and I do love it deeply so I am hesitant to cut ties. During it’s beginnings I truthfully had no idea what I was doing nor where I wanted to steer it. I fell into the blog world by mistake and it’s one that I’m glad was made, for it opened up a new world of reach, possibility and most importantly friendships. And to abruptly conclude this chapter feels like a disservice. Surrendering when times have gotten tough or inconvenient. I am not a quitter. Or am I?

I’m seemingly unsure what to do but rest assured I’ll keep you in the loop. A great point made in the article was to slowly progress to change. Allow it to drag out for months, continually making mention of said changes and said name. So if I were to take such drastic measures it wouldn’t happen overnight. I don’t think I’d be capable of delivering such a task in that amount of time anyway. Procrastination can be a weakness of mine at times.

Love always,

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sonia // daring coco
sonia // daring coco

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