It’s funny, as I was playing around with these pieces I had an epiphany of the sartorial kind.

A revelation really, about the inner workings of an apparent alter ego. Strange right? That after all this time, I’d never noted such stirrings within myself. Everyone has a little something lurking about really and alter ego’s are hardly uncommon. The most famous has to be Beyonce with her Sasha Fierce and of course Nene Leaks and Nay-Nay running rampant too. Apparently I have what can only be described as an inner Carrie Bradshaw. It sounds preposterous, I know, everyone relates to her and we all wanted to be her at some stage. I know I did. I wanted to live in that palatial brownstone in Manhattan. I needed her swoon worthy walk-in wardrobe and the endless supply of Manolo’s on her mysterious writers salary. And I too dreamed of a Mr Big, sans the unnecessary commitment-phobe drama. Sadly in being older one understands the harsh realities of such fiction but this epiphany had nothing to do with Carrie and her cryptically extravagant lifestyle. No. I’m referring to the characters style.

Her/Patricia Fields unique way of seamlessly blending colours and prints, trends with attitude. So how does this relate to me and my alter ego? Well, I have a bit of a girly-girl hiding away. She’s not super dainty; all pink, pearls and florals. But she does like colour and a bit of glam. Looking back at past edits (for example herehere and here) it seems I have a penchant for creating outfits that combine those similar principles of colour, texture and pattern. They tend to be slightly more creative, vibrant and dare I say it, feminine. A stark contrast over my usual preference of monochrome. My style over the years has matured; moving away from playfulness to minimal simplicity. Opting for black jeans and a simple white tees as opposed to the occasional brights and flamboyancy that I revelled in my early twenties. Paring stripes and plaid before it was considered “trendy”. So maybe it’s not actually an alter ego but a former part of myself I’ve seem to have forgotten? Subconsciously reaching out to patterns and tulle in hopes of triggering anamnesis?

Looking back I do miss those days, being somewhat soft and whimsical with fashion. Perhaps I’m in a fashion rut or it’s just what happens when you hit your mid-late twenties. Arm parties and finger swags are a massive no-no for me now. Honestly how did I manage to juggle all that shit on my wrists? All that clanking about? Anyone else relate to this? I think I’m going to challenge myself to step out of the comforting embrace of monochrome and go back to those floral and plaid blazer days of Marc Jacobs and Herver Leger (before it was all bondage). Let out that fun loving Carrie and just let loose. And as I write this I inadvertently realise that I’ve already broken this promise, with my latest purchase with ASOS over the weekend full of grey and black pieces by River Island. Oh and another pair of black kicks from New Balance.

Well I shan’t give up just yet, baby steps Sonia, baby steps.


Mini turntable pave pendant by Vita Fede
Scalloped sequin crop by TFNC
Lace shorts by Alice + Olivia
Embellished shoulder bag by Valentino 
Puzzle sandals by Sergio Rossi
Bam-Bam cartline bracelet by Madewell
Evil eye bracelet by Shashi

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