Hey lovelies, I am here with a vibrant
fashion trend to pick up this year wedding season. With ongoing Spring weddings
and upcoming Summer ones, I am very energized to make a fashion statement with
bright reds. If you believe that red is not the color for hot days, please
rethink since various shades of red from earthy wine to sparkling and intense
red are extensively in fashion.


For most women, red color symbolizes power,
courage, passion, dominance and glamour. Hot red outfits, lipsticks and nail
enamels add to a woman’s femininity and appeal. Similarly, the brilliance and
vibrancy of red singles you out from the crowd of thousands. Surprisingly, your
inclination towards lovely reds grows with age. Elderly women contribute to
making breathtaking arrivals when embellished with glitzy red hues. Further, if
you want to grab attention of opposite sex, the color is the perfect choice.

My strong devotion for red and girly
penchant for precious gemstone jewelry makes me a ruby aficionado. Fiery red
ruby crystals are the best to highlight a woman’s imperialism and extravagant
style. Exploring few ruby ensembles online, I came across some glittering ruby
and diamond jewelry pieces from Especially, ruby pendants look
incredibly alluring and eye-catching when set in yellow gold and platinum.


Choosing a pretty red dress for your wedding is certainly a non-traditional, fashionable twist. From my recent research, I have seen modern brides opting for vibrant wedding gowns, unlike the traditional white and cream ones. Sparkling touches of red stones give an extra oomph to your outfit. Nothing could excite you more than classy ruby pendants at Angara, which are seriously irresistible to make a purchase. Anyone of you who adore gemstone rings and earrings, scroll through exquisite ruby ensembles available at Angara. You will be thrilled to see the designs and styles. Get ready to make a magnetic statement in upcoming weddings.


Happy Shopping!


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