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ASOS romper

As the weather on this side of the world cools significantly, the other side of the planet is preparing itself for warmth, sun and sand. And though I adore the cold and all it brings, like those grey skies and rainy days, but when pops of blue are perpetually invading ones feed, you can not help but yearn for a little sunshine. Even if you seemingly despise that obnoxious radiating ball of fire. I don’t know about you but right now it seems like everyone is travelling overseas; and by overseas I mean Europe. And I’m not simply referring to bloggers, famous Internet kids and Instagramers. I’m talking about your neighbours, friends and family. They’re all over in Europe right now. And I am here wallowing in pure jealousy. Perusing copious happy snaps of others enjoying warmth and gelato while revelling with dashing Europeans, and all while combating and navigating those treacherous cobblestone lined streets; a stilettos enemy numero uno.

If there is one thing I have been enjoy on those rare rainy days, it is to sit by an open fire with a Dostoyevsky resting on my lap while I become overly immersed by the notifications of globe trotters. Purely distracted with painted scenes of beach shenanigans, hotdog legs bathed by sunlight and sand and hand holding rainbow ice cream shots with remarkable works of architecture blending dully into the background. My imagination left to run wild with various concocted schemes. And over the weekend I did just that, only one thing remained constant and that was a divine ASOS romper I spotted on online last Friday. A plunging neckline, black in colour with a skort for the bottom. Were there not a more magical combination for an ASOS romper and for travel? Slight practicality, comfort and effortless style combined. It is one of those rare pieces you come across and think, heck yes I’ll take that to St Barts! And to Paris and Barcelona too. Oh and that Guadi walking trail you’ve spent most of your youth mapping out. All playfulness aside I do believe this is one hell of a knock out piece, be it used for travel or brunch with your friends. What do you think? Is your imagination creating all kinds of crazy right now over this ASOS romper?

Shop a similar version of this sex bomb here and here.

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