the rock muse

the rock muse
the rock muse

the rock musethe rock musethe rock musethe rock muse

the rock muse

Lily Aldridge photographed by David Roemer for S Moda, 194 edition.

When I envision myself as a rock star, S Moda’s, The Rock Muse fashion editorial is precisely the kind of style and attitude I’d personify. Lily’s apotheosis of a glam rocker feels so on point for me. It is the kind of lifestyle and glamour I would daydream about as a child. Those years of past, dancing about in my mothers black snakeskin heels, singing into my pink comb with fervour. I was a rock ‘n’ roll superstar and I was the rock muse. I was inspired by Woodstock vibes fused with Debbie Harry’s punk nature. For me that was what I yearned to emanate.

Seemingly my heart and imagination have been captured by the nostalgic resplendence of Lily’s embodiment of the rock muse. For me these are the kind of images I adore and find myself being drawn to and inspired over time and time again. Mainly because they trigger such whimsical, forgotten yearnings. The kind that perfectly animate my grey matter, impregnating all thoughts with invaluable ideas.

Tell me, are you not as fixated with this editorial as I am? If not for the sartorial styling, then the alluring storyline itself? Because we all wanted to be some kind of acclaimed musician at some point in our lives no?

I can practically envision my day as a rock ‘n’ roller. Mid-morning meetings at the studio; listening to recordings and samples over warm cups of coffee spiked with dark rum. Rebelling from duties by escaping out the fire escape to the rooftop terrace with my bad-boy lover. Only to promptly shoo him back to the studio for some much needed alone time. Using that moment to reflect and admire those gloriously gloomy New York streets below. Hypnotised by the sultry dance of smoke wafting up from a subway vent across the road. Ideas flow which make me eager to return back to the studio. I spend the next few hours jamming with my band, manifesting that tune into the reality. And after an enjoyable day of creativity, we ride off into the sunset on the back of my loves Harley. Dinner and drinks, followed by more drinks back at my Soho pad.

Oh to be a rock star.

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