Sometimes it can be a good idea to make a change to your overall style. The kind of change that makes you feel different, shakes things up a little, and which people notice. Whether it is a new look or a new lifestyle choice, some changes take more effort than others, of course. You could switch from glasses to contact lenses today to change your look, for instance, but losing 10 pounds might take a bit more of an investment in terms of time and effort!

If you are looking for changes that are easy to make but will still give you the feeling of being a slightly newer version of yourself, here are three ideas that you and other people will notice, but which you can do straight away!

Dramatic Hair Change

One way you can get people to notice a difference, and feel that thrill of looking completely different for a while, is to make a dramatic change to your hair. This does not mean getting some slight layers put in, or changing the shade slightly, but doing something even the most oblivious guys you work with will not fail to see is different. If your hair is long and straight, or just use some hair replacement, you could go short, or curly (or both). You could change to whichever of the three your hair isn’t currently between blonde, red or black. You could even go for an unusual colour, or an interesting effect like dip dyed or ombre hair. If cutting and dying are not for you, you can also think about changing up the style in a big way, for example getting dreadlocks or braids!

Switch Your Lifestyle

There are lots of things you can change in your lifestyle that can make you feel like you are behaving differently. Yes, I know we said changes you can make straight away, so avoiding weight loss or fitness challenges, you could try switching from smoking cigarettes to e-cigs and vaping liquid (a change that will mean you aren’t always popping out for smoking breaks on a night out, and you don’t smell of smoke), which can also be a good step towards giving up nicotine for good. You could try, if it fits with your personal philosophy, becoming vegetarian or vegan. You could start a new Twitter or Instagram account and get more social on the web, or even start online dating if you are single.

Wardrobe Change

OK, so this may require some shopping, but if you always dress in a certain way, changing it can make a huge impact and be a lot of fun. If you live in jeans and t-shirts, why not switch to dresses? Or, if you always wear blacks and greys, why not start wearing a different colour all the time? People are sure to notice, and you’ll feel different too!


Changing your image noticeably can make a big difference, whether it is how you look or your usual routines. Use these as inspiration and give yourself a little makeover today!



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