Still in keeping with all things seventies, I’ve compiled my own must-have lust list. And then some, because attempting to keep within a five to six piece limit proved utterly impossible. For fashion in the seventies it was a wonderful whirlwind of colour. From folk to fringe and crochet to neutrals, anything went as long as it felt right. The seventies saw the attempt of eliminating boundaries and conformities. Freedom and love reigned and were to some point expressed through fashion. These days, when the modern era reminisces on the subject we notoriously associate it with bell bottoms, suede and fringing. Ultimately limiting and excluding ourselves from the droves of exuberant prints and bohemian like embellishments that too came from those days. Though most designers have embraced it fully, like Isabel Marant’s major folk references (here and here) throughout her collections, same with Tamara Mellon (also see here and here). And of course Saint Laurent’s playful star embellishments that have taken centre stage. An embellishment which I’ve never been a fan of period, seeing as though I’ve always viewed that traditional form of a star to be somewhat tacky. Yet there is something that makes one yearn for those dainty little stars, be it adorned on bucket bags or stitched onto clothing. Ms Slimane sure does know how to work wonders, doesn’t she?



Elixir suede bucket bag by Tamara Mellon
Luxe lace soft cup bralette by Eres’
Silk base wigs 
Seein’ stars aviators from Nasty Gal
Bell sleeve playsuit by River Island



Mermaid Prom Dresses

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