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nars orgasm

I’ll never forget the moment I welcomed this blush to my collection. It took nearly ten days to be delivered to my door from somewhere in sunny California. Back then that was the only route to acquiring such cosmetics; online and overseas (hello seriously generous price differences). It was during a time of fervently oversized ‘it handbags’ and days were celebrities involuntarily became street style mavens. Orgasm was bigger than big. While the Balenciaga bag was one of the most coveted handbags ten years ago, NARS Orgasm was the ‘it’ beauty product to possess. Everyone was raving about this shade. You truly could not go past a magazine article without seeing it featured it either.

This was the tone du jour. The hue of choice.

This was the product that gave Carrie Bradshaw those infamous luminescent pink cheeks we seemingly coveted.

nars orgasm

nars orgasm

Truthfully, I purchased this item because I was and continue to be a complete NARS junkie. I have to have all the things pertaining to NARS. And because magazines told me I needed this. However, back then I didn’t utilise it as much as the other blushes in my collection. I tried it but didn’t like it on my pale complexion. I was all about faking being tanned (still kind of am, translucent is not a great look on me), so I preferred to stick to beloved tints like Zen and Lovejoy. Tints I still use to this day mind you. NARS Orgasm didn’t exactly give me that tanned contoured look those other shades were giving me nor did it complement my (horrendously) orange glow. So it simply ended up at the back of my beauty draw, only to be rediscovered many moons later.

I don’t know what compelled me to swipe NARS Orgasm on one morning, but damn am I glad I did. I brushed along the apples of my cheeks, sweeping upwards and immediately noticed a fresher difference than my go-to’s were giving me. Suddenly I had this youthful glow; a glow I had been desperately trying to achieve for months. A glow only NARS Orgasm can achieve. Those tiny specs of gold and pink worked miracles on my skin; they actually transformed it. Making my dull and lackadaisical skin instantly fresher, lively and vibrant (evidence, here). And after so many years, I finally recognise all that hype. I finally understand why everyone went nuts over this shade and why they continue to be. It truly is the ultimate shade of pink and I firmly believe that it will forever reign so.

This is the blush you really want/need to invest in.

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