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blue floral romper

There’s something distinctly spectacular about this ASOS blue floral romper (which has now, unfortunately sold out however a similar version can be found here) and it lies within the print itself. A print which teeters on the edge of modern femininity. And one that is for me becoming synonymous with the recent influx of cherry blossoms that line my street and contrast against the bold cerulean skies that shimmer above them. There is also a romantic sophisticated sort of uniqueness associated with this floral that dramatically veers it away from the generic florals that seemingly permeate the fashion scene right now. Perhaps that is because of the contrasting colour spectrum; the harmonious juxtaposition of nontraditional hues. Traditional duck egg blue interweaving with bold scarlet and blush tones.

It is somewhat off-balanced yet in perfect symmetry. And it is not wildly unusual yet unquestionably fearless. It is a quintessential statement piece. Something which most never associate this sartorial style with; especially a blue floral romper at that. I personally adore this style. For me a romper truly can be an ideal piece to invest in and an item I believe every style maven should have in their closet. Be it a basic, transcendent piece like a black romper. A piece that can easily replace your classic little black dress. Or more vivacious, printed romper, perfect for balmy summer nights or sojourns to exotic travel destinations. A romper truly is a versatile piece. And one that I personally find myself reaching for more and more during the summer heat extremes because it’s simply effortless and stylish. Much like the romper featured above. And while this exact blue floral romper has sold out, you can shop similar styles, on all different kinds of budgets below.

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