It seems everywhere I turn online, I keep encountering all forms of opulent evening and prom dresses for sale. And though my days of schooling are obsolete, I can’t help but daydream about those bygone days. Oh to be young again! Planning and anticipating such a significant night; the dress itself seemingly the most critical detail. Of course a flashy Rolls Royce and a venue adorned in pink roses and twinkling fairy lights is equally as important no?

Honestly these days it seems like most seventeen year olds bypass those awkward teen years and move straight into gracefulness. Along with developing an uncanny artistic ability with a makeup brush. Something which took me years to finesse. And the same can be said about fashions and the countless options available today, in particular formal outfits. Unlike the days prior to the early 2000’s, which consisted of unflattering skirts and raucous fabrics. Although I did design my own formal dress which my late-aunt took to bringing to life, I can’t help but cringe at that red satin ensemble with it’s uncouth long train and a plunging neckline that also highlighted my white bra inelegantly peeking through. Where was Hollywood Tape when you needed it?

Back then evening dresses were obviously not the easiest to come by. And they certainly were far from fashionable. Store selections were sparse and they almost always consisted of racks upon racks of the same spaghetti strapped, shapeless and full length monstrosity. And don’t get me started on the colour selection which consisted of boringly bold prime colours. These days I feel like the selection is incredibly vast and impressively chic no less. Like JVS Dress who have affordable and stylish selections for whatever your formal needs may be. They truly have an impressive smorgasbord of designs. Long or short, minimal or extravagant. Perusing their site, I can’t help but fall smitten with a handful of pieces. I also love the various options each style comes with; from colour to sizing. I’ve began eyeing a few gowns for myself as engagement and wedding season begins to approach us on this side of the world. Next, finding a plus one.


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