secrets of the best fashion photographers

secrets of the best fashion photographers
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Are you an aspiring fashion photographer who wants to work with a variety of clients and models in an exciting and ever-changing industry? Then continue reading for a few of the most helpful secrets of the best fashion photographers.


The best thing that you can do as a professional fashion photographer is simply be prepared for an upcoming shoot. Never walk onto a set without a solid idea of what you need to achieve, whether you have total freedom to be as creative as you want or you need to follow specific requirements set forth by the client.

Have books with tear sheets available so that you can be inspired with makeup, styling, posing, lighting, etc. This will help prevent burnout and will give you ideas for every shoot if your creativity is drying up.


The best and most accurate lighting can be achieved in a pro photography studio, so make sure that you invest in a space that has plenty of space for backdrops and the most valuable pieces of lighting equipment available. You can even opt for a space that has a lot of large windows if you want to take advantage of natural light as well.


If you’re planning on offering fashion photographer services, you will need to know how to direct and pose models to get the best results and show off the best that the clothing and accessories have to offer. Regardless of how beautiful your model is, if the poses are not flattering, the photos will come out poorly. So whenever you are shooting fashion photography, strive to elongate the model’s body and give your pictures an edgier look by using poses that create shapes and angles.

On top of posing your models, you also need to know how to dress them as well. This involves telling the models how they should be flaunting the clothing and accessories. You may also need to direct the hair and makeup team in order to find the right styles that complement the fashion best.


Rules are meant to be broken, especially when it comes to the dynamic world of fashion photography. While there are certainly standard, correct methods that you can use for things like lighting your models, there is also a level of freedom in photography, and the only way to find your own unique style is by experimenting. For example, you can try to achieve your own dramatic lighting effects using high contrast in your photos. Though this may not follow standard lighting protocols, it could lead to some incredible and unforgettable images.

With these secrets of the best fashion photographers in mind, you can have a successful fashion photo shoot every time. Remember to do your research and look through fashion magazines and websites to see what the best fashion photographers are doing. Then follow suit and watch your photography business grow.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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