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garnier bb cream

I have this quirk when it comes to beauty products that I am going to share with you. I personally don’t like using high-end brand named products for everyday use. I’m talking about the kind of products you find yourself reaching for daily, like foundation or creams. I don’t know where such an annoying trait stems from, and I feel such frivolous impulses strengthen more and more as I age. Is it that I just really despise how quickly a bottle of foundation empties when using it daily? Or perhaps the irrational feeling of squandering such a product for banal tasks like going through drive-through for a naughty lunch treat or quick ventures to the post office?

In hindsight, it would appear that I am something of a brand snob. I do have my favorites and I am loyally faithful; a creature of habit even. I am not one who tends to rush out to try new and different products weekly. I have sensitive skin and the majority of products out there just don’t agree with my skin most times. In fact the majority of of high street brands cause nothing but dehydrated havoc on my skin period.

That said, Garnier has been surprisingly delightful on my skin over the years and I’ve always found at least one line that works wonders for my skin. Like the (long ago discontinued) “Fresh” range which saw me through my teenage years until the onset of my late teens when I discovered NARS. So when my interest spiked over the wave of BB creams saturating the market, I decided to sample the Garnier BB cream, which thankfully turned out to be a most wise investment.

And if you’re still unaware what exactly a BB cream entails, it’s simply a tinted moisturiser. It adds a light sheen and glow to your skin whilst also moisturising and hydrating it. Depending on coverage, it acts similar to a foundation sans any heaviness and leaves you with a more natural finish. There are even BB creams which contain added SPF sun protection. Which is something I opt for above all else because sun damage is real and frightening. Especially as you age. For me I’ve been overly content using the Garnier BB cream. It’s wonderfully hydrating and plumping on my skin; seemingly gliding effortlessly without unnecessary palaver. That said it dries promptly so at times I find it to be a little splotchy in some spots if I am not careful during application. Overall the formula is lightweight and it doesn’t feel heavy or encumbering either. Which would no doubt make it incredibly ideal for the sultry summer season.

Has anyone else tried the Garnier BB cream? Or any other BB cream in general? Leave your thoughts for me to peruse below,

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