It is official. We’ve now moved into warmer territory over here in Australia. So it’s now appropriate to namedrop the kind of weather that has seen those cherry blossoms and blooms flourishing prematurely for weeks now. Spring. Yes, she is here and she has certainly sprung. There’s definitely something exciting pulsating in the air, despite for some gloomy grey skies forecasted. Perhaps it’s the energy of Spring Racing season in the air with the countdown to Melbourne Cup well on its way. Or that promise of significantly warmer weather and outdoor soirees as the days grow and elongate. Engagement and wedding announcements begin to stir, while those of previous years come to fruition. And with that, the urgency of finding something exquisitely suitable to wear sets in. One feels the great need to peruse for something swank and lavish more so than ever at this time of year.


For me I find myself ever more drawn to the land of the Internets when it comes to searching for an evening dress. Somewhat for sheer convenience but mostly for the incredible selections that can be found, merely with the click of a finger or two. I’ve been enamoured with the abundantly graceful choices from Promtimes.co.uk. It is so easy to find an elegant evening dress or resplendent cocktail dress for your needs. From something in lace to something beaded. Something vibrant and lively to a classic black evening dress. Each dress at Promtimes.co.uk comes with an array of colour selections, sizing or the additional option for custom made in which you provide your own measurements so that the dress can be made tailored to fit your body. So many decisions. So many chic favorites and yet not nearly enough events to attend to for them all! First world problems am I right. Maybe I should seriously look into creating my own carousals at dusk just so I can wear them all?


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