fashion week street style: nyfw spring/summer 2016

nyfw spring/summer 2016 nyfw spring/summer 2016 nyfw spring/summer 2016
nyfw spring/summer 2016
nyfw spring/summer 2016
street stylestreet stylenyfw spring/summer 2016 street stylenyfw spring/summer 2016

nyfw spring/summer 2016
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And just like that, NYFW Spring/Summer 2016 is done and dusted, over and out. This was truly an event which overall felt like it flew right past. Much like how days seemingly whirl straight through us too. Though not all is lost with the fashion scene, as we move straight into the London scene for the continuance of Fashion Week. There has been much talk from the runways of NYFW Spring/Summer 2016. I’m curious to hear of your own personal any highlights from the collections? Mine were a resplendent mix. From the dainty and sensuousness in Marchesa’s endlessly celestial designs, to Alexander Wang’s 10th anniversary collection. My heart captivated by these striped pants. Oh what a sartorial sight to behold.

The excitement with fashions never seemingly halts merely at the runways, as out on the streets there is an endless supply of inspiration. I’m always so conflicted over which I anticipate more during Fashion Week. Is the elation solely from the collections which dictate oncoming trends or the fashion commotion raging outside its well secured venue doors? I can never properly decipher which I prefer more. When it comes to the style on the street for NYFW Spring/Summer 2016, personally I felt like there was an eclectic clash, a battle of Goliath proportions which saw the simplicity versus the extreme. From eccentric pigments and prints, relaxed forms and leviathan like stripes, nothing was scared nor spared. And all in a good way no less. And all wondrously commingling and integrating with effortless ease. If only the world’s populace as a whole could do the very same. Humanity can certainly dream, though that in itself sounds sadly ludicrous.

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