THE SCENE: it’s Fri-yay and somehow you’ve managed to rally your girl squad together for a night of cocktail shenanigans. You’ve been looking forward to this all week; counting down the days, hours and minutes (much to the dismay of your Facebook friends). It’s just been one of those weeks, stressful, eventful and a darn right nuance at best. You’re overly eager to let that hair down, step out in those brand, spanking new Plexi heels and paint the town as red as your poppy hued lipstick.

Sadly, I can not remember the last time I revelled with my squad. The thing is when you get to my age (did I really just type that?) you find your crew has grown, yet concurrently shrunken. You all walk in different directions and thus encounter prominent humans along the way. You find coupling up gets serious with traveling, relocating, marriage proposals and then (maybe) babies, though not in the order, is on the cards. And as years elapse you find yourself endorsing nights curled up on a couch, accompanied by Chinese and vino over J├Ągerbomb’s and strobe lights. Life becomes exceedingly scheduled, not just with others but for yourself also.

So when an opportunity for boisterousness presents itself you seize it and compromise because it’s a true rarity these days. Planning such nights are thrilling, yet exhausting at the same time in attempting to accommodate every individuals needs and calendars. At least this has been my experience thus far. For me a girls night should be all things feminine and dainty, naughty and nice. One should be dressed to the nines, dolled up and standing on impractical heels. There are times when sweats and sneakers will be called for but not this night. No. You want your Sunday best, dressed to impress no one but yourself. All black, hints of gold and a tulle tutu; oh hell yes.


Lumen multi stone ring by Lulu Frost 
Elena cut-out bodysuit by Body Editions 
Plexi heels by Gianvito Rossi
Layered tulle skirt by Rochas
Love quilted clutch by Rebecca Minkoff 
The golden grand necklace by Samantha Wills
Set of five gold rings by Isabel Marant

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