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apocryphal style

I have to admit, I really look forward to Bianca O’Neill’s stimulating columns over on Fashion Journal. In this world of blogging, of pretty perfection and apocryphal style, of an inconceivable supply of enviable Chanel clutches and ceaseless business class travel abroad, it’s simply refreshing to read something impartial. This article of hers, which I had previously shared over on Facebook, left me pondering over the topic, one that has also become a somewhat irritant of late. And that nuisance happens to be the questionable style of “street style” mavens.

street style is not really STREET style anymore, is it? it’s more like a procession human of billboards. or an attention-seeking blogger runway of paid promotions and borrowed threads. does that really excite people? because I’m feeling barely a tingle

// bianca o’neill

I am by no means referring to the actual style itself which as she so brilliantly pointed out is “arguably better than ever”. It’s the overall sense of apocryphal style or simply, authenticity. That sartorial ingenuity we take pride in. One that once separated us from the masses has now become moderately familiar. Somewhat morphing us into conformable sheep; eager to devour the next “it” thing. We, slash I myself have become far too pliant and easily manipulated into what I should and should not covet. Every moment we are inundated with pieces and trends creating that unnecessarily frivolous need to possess and acquire. A wasteful problem which is adding fuel to an even bigger fire (see this previous article on the world’s wastage issues here).

The article described how the style street has simply become a “procession of human billboards; Instagram I feel being the worst offender. Those #ootd looks are almost always paid for. And while a small few do mention that it is a sponsored collaboration; the majority fail to do so. I know one or two “major” bloggers who never seem content to just stick with one outfit per day. Changing their looks almost hourly at a time. As bloggers we’re all guilty of it; be it pertaining to something sartorial or home related. Heck, I am guilty of it, despite priding myself on fully disclosing, sometimes things fall through the cracks. We are sent “gifts” in which to review etc, and it’s one of the perks of blogging no? But at what point does the line blur?

Street style itself is possibly one of the most sort after subjects on Pinterest. Those perfectly polished ensembles is something I tend to turn to when I am in need of sartorial inspiration. But the bulk of those looks have more than likely been provided for. Which in a way could be considered questionable. As “fashion” or “style” bloggers the point is to showcase what you’re wearing, give some insight into thought processes and resplendent finds is it not? The point is to exhibit and boast styling abilities and for me I believe that should be of your own, not through someone else’s labour (who in the end get zero credit for). You can launch your fashion brand and invest in quality photographs to share your style with the rest of the world. For this, consider a photoshoot location hire to get the best locations perfect for your project. Depending on your photographs’ theme, you can find several residential properties, industrial locations, photographic studios, and other places that provide the perfect background for you to take awe-inspiring photos. This way, you can capture your originality for display on your fashion blog or in your magazine Being supplied entire outfits from brands; being dressed head to toe in Moschino for example is alluring, sure. And it’s impelling when done sporadically. But is it necessary for every single post? To comprise it of the same sponsored format I feel like you end up losing that individuality that drew readers to you in the first place.

I miss those days of that “real” style street. When people dressed for the day ahead and not just for a scheduled photo shoot. The days when Sportsgirl would send a photographer out to the streets of Melbourne to purposely capture uber stylish beings who were literally just going about their daily business. Sabo Skirt’s early days of posing beside ordinary red brick lined suburban streets of Brisbane. Or Leandra Medine’s outfit of the day captured out on her fabulous New York City apartment balcony. I sound like an old fogy, stuck in her ways reminiscing about those intermittent moments of yesteryear. I’m not shaming the wonderful practice of creativity. The kind were we spend countless hours meticulously penning every detail, studiously searching for locations to capture our money making shots. I really do enjoy that side of street style blogging. Those contrasting outfits against stark walls or pairing ones ensemble with a deliciously luscious landscape/scene.

I crave those days when bloggers actually styled pieces from their own closets. Were you styled a certain item that you’d previously worn or found something resembling an objet d’art and styled it with last seasons Zara. Blogging has and will continue to evolve, no doubt about it. I just wish those in higher places would remember their roots and try to embrace it a little more. And not get so hung up on figures and brand names.

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