Online shopping seems to be a hot topic of late. Be it positive or negative there is no denying its influence and dominance with buyers. It is possibly the fastest and most energetically growing outlet; and it’s easy to see why. Convenience seemingly being a solid motivator as well as the overall ease in the entire shopping experience, like the effortless perusal of products and collections with a few simple clicks. Personally I’ve noted my fondness for online shopping increase more and more as days and years pass.

I’ve also pondered, from time to time, what it would be like to operate my own online store. Thoughts like, what would kind of brand and image I’d want to emit and more importantly what would I stock? Would I want to focus solely on clothing, footware or accessories or would I just stock them all? Obviously the sensible thing to do is focus on one thing and do it well, before thoughts of grandeur and expansion can be entertained. But I at times am not a sensible girl. And while this idea is solely reserved for dreamland, I can’t help myself but entertain it further by searching for wholesale clothing sites. There’s actually quite a few out there but one was recently brought to my attention; Apparel Candy. They have an impressive range of sartorial items, from clothing, shoes, handbags and wholesale jewelry to cosmetics and fragrances too. Prices are definitely lucrative and perfect for any business, be it a newbie or a seasoned professional. Check them out today.


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sonia // daring coco
sonia // daring coco

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