Technically this is not a loves lately but more of an eternal love. And one, regardless, that I felt compelled to address. When it comes to parfum, I am overly particular with the kind of scents I dust upon my skin. As a friend of mine likes to word it, I love smelling like a fruit salad. I’ve never been certain where this intense preference for airy, slender citrus aromas stems from. My mother is known for her appreciation of substantial concupiscent fragrances. Those powerful, superimposing musks amalgamating with English garden roses. The kind you’d imagine powerful business women of New York in the early 90’s to don. In fact, every time I detect a hint of those classic essences, my mind always seems to envision long grey trench coats with wisps of Dior Poison radiating discreetly from beneath, with sensible blocked heels to carry it forward and oversized clip-on earrings jutting out from ears hidden beneath perfectly styled pixie crops to mask it source, unsuccessfully.

Over the years I’ve had many favorites. From Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue to Ralph Lauren Blue and even SJP’s Lovely. And while I still hold a special place in my heart for Light Blue, Chloe’s signature scent has been my own for many years now. It’s light, fresh and a perfect balance of citrus and florals. And all without being obnoxiously overwhelming; especially on the floral side. Which is something I utterly detest in a parfum. I don’t know about you but for me notes of spiciness and freshly blooming spring roses with commanding perfumes are too potent for my senses and thus firmly disliked.

And while I’ve dabbled with other fragrances like Eternity and Oh Lola!, I always come back to Chloe. Not just for it’s deliciously ethereal sheerness but for the delightfully decadent packaging and charming petite bottle that exudes sensuous femininity; without being seemingly palpable. It reminds me of the French and their way with style. Covetable, transcendent and always unparalleled and honorable to the being enrobed within. Much like the brand itself.


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