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As a fast-growing city with thriving industry, Milton Keynes (MK) is packed with fun activities for people of all ages. Whether old or young, you are guaranteed to find something amusing and entertaining for the whole family here. Since Milton Keynes is a relatively new city, there are a lot of venues popping up to accommodate the boom in tourism that has happened during the past decade, giving the new generation of MK residents and visitors plenty to do in their spare time. Below we will take a look at some of the most popular games and activities to be found in Milton Keynes:


If you like racing, why not check out some of the kart racing venues in the area, which include Formula Fast Karting, Simply Race, and Daytona Milton Keynes. For those of you who enjoy water sports, seeing the sights, and other outdoor activities, be sure to check out Willen Lake, Wake MK (wakeboarding), Spy Games, the Platoon Laser Battle Arena, and the unique Zorb Wars bouncy ball battlefield. Visiting all of these attractions consecutively will surely lead to a day packed with fun.


Those looking for an adventure for the kids might want to check out the Bounce Indoor Trampoline Park, the Safari MK Playplace, and the 360 Play playground. Notable cinemas and theatres in the area include the Odeon Cinema, Cineworld Milton Keynes, Odeon Milton Keynes Stadium and IMAX, The Comedy Cow, and That Time of the Month Comedy. If you are into casino gaming, you might want to stop by The Casino MK or Aspire Casino to try your luck. Those with a love for amusement parks might find Gulliver’s Land and Gulliver’s Splashland to be a blast.


If winter sports are your thing, be sure to visit the Xscape indoor snowboarding and skiing facility, or the Planet Ice indoor ice rink. If you’re into golf, there’s Mr. Mulligan’s Pirate Golf and Jurassic Mini Golf, both of which offer courses that are ideal for the entire family, as well as arcade games and other festivities. Fortunately, shows that there a number of hotels and hospitality accommodations nearby, so you won’t have to travel far to reach any of the attractions we’ve listed here.


Keep in mind that the above list of games and activities is by no means all-inclusive. There are lots of other things to do and see in Milton Keynes, many of which you probably wouldn’t find until you’re actually there seeking guidance from the locals. In addition to a broad range of family fun establishments, MK is also home to several interesting museums and art galleries, including the Milton Keynes Museum, The National Museum of Computing, and the MK Gallery. Of course, there’s also no shortage of bars and restaurants in the area, so you should have no problem having a great night out when it’s time for the adults to have some fun.



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