Can you believe it has been several weeks now since our beloved ceased to exist? This has been hard to swallow for me and I must admit I’ve been a little emotional. Ten years strong they were, which is impressive; a whole decade. I remember how accessible it made fashion to a girl living in the south eastern suburbs, with a penchant for labels that most of her fellow twenty one year old girl squad were oblivious to. How effortless it was for me to view shows and see new collections all sans palaver of scourging through printed pages. It was one of the initial apps I installed on my first ever iPhone, the radical 3G. I spent far too much time perusing that app. They made the impossible possible by giving me an innovative and thrilling way of accessing even more style and all without that incessant need to wait for internet browsers to load. I remember awaiting an order of fish n chips, seated on that uncomfortable emerald green bench on a hot summers day, amusing myself by scrolling through runway shows, utterly delighted to find the new season of Twenty8Twelve (anyone else recall the hype?) uploaded. I was undeniably obsessed with the app, which swiftly removed the reigns from my hallowed Harpers Bazaar magazine.

Most of all I remember the enveloping comfort in visiting this website had for me. Those dull hours of a long work day made slightly more cheerful because of its content. The site itself was a mecca for me. Not only for when I was young and irrevocably fashion fixated but for when I first began this blog and used the site countless times as a reference and for some much need inspiration and direction. It’s somber to imagine that sartorial hub no longer as it was but now redirecting to Vogue. All those moments spent trawling through their pages, alas, no more.


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sonia // daring coco
sonia // daring coco

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