Just when you thought chocolate chip cookies couldn’t get any better, bam, in comes peanut butter being all smooth and irresistible.

To be honest, peanut butter and I have a volatile relationship. We’ve been like this since day one. And it’s not him, it’s me. You see, I have an unhealthy relationship when it comes to PB. Gluttonous at the best of times, to the point were one brings themselves to the point of nausea. Then the mere sight of him displeases. I have zero self control which quickly turns our lust into disgust. I know I need to find balance and avoid over indulging in it’s salty, nutty goodness. But how? Is there a peanut butter anonymous group out there? 

Even a shrink? 


When I found this recipe over at the Ambitious Kitchen, I knew I needed to rekindle this relationship once again, thinking this would be a perfect way to achieve that desired balance. Plus they’re sans flour and butter. Not that I have anything against those two; but I know some people do. These little morsels smell like peanut butter and leave you with a delightfully slight and subtle aftertaste too. There is still a risk of overindulgence because, cookies. But the upside is you can’t technically spoil that love for PB as you would consuming straight out of the jar (don’t quote me on that). So it kind of cancels the other out (again, don’t quote me). If you share a similar relationship to PB as I do.

I didn’t feel the need to recreate or modify this recipe in the slightest. Say for the chocolate chips which I replaced with standard chocolate. If you were wondering why I hardly ever add chocolate chips to anything it is because I personally I don’t like using them. I once read somewhere that the reason why they retain their shape when baking is because there is a wax coating covering their surface which prevents excess melting. For me the thought of consuming some unnatural, heat resistant wax coating doesn’t sound appealing to me at all. Seriously I consume enough junk as it is, so I try to avoid and substitute them as much as possible. Plus it is a million times more satisfying to bite into a gooey cookie and be left battling a mouthful of oozing chocolate then small semi-soft pieces.

Just saying.


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