Current mood. Languid. Fatigued. Stale. Consumed. Apathetic.

I’ve been a woman of little words of late so apologies for my absence. In truth I’ve had a good few days off work and yet I feel anything but reinvigorated. Perhaps I can lay blame to last weeks insane levels of humidity, followed by the dry, sticky heat of Monday. We all know I do not cope well in the heat. Or maybe it has more to do with the string of vile humans who’ve crossed my path and brought with them an encumbrance of putrid negativity. One whole week of pointed evil eyes, superiority, animosity, crudeness and repugnant irascible individuals. Some people can deplete the best of us. And why? I’ll never quite comprehend how effortless it is for some to direct blunt resentment and fury towards a stranger. Is it because they believe we shan’t cross paths again? Or because they feel like such efforts result sans consequence? Are they not familiar with the term Karma?

Well, with tomorrow’s forecast of rain and glorious thunderstorms, I do hope some vitality will be restored.


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