It is hard to reign in your imagination with this series by French photographer Laurent Chehere. Undeniably whimsical and nostalgic to a certain Disney Pixar movie it is. You could interpret this series in a number of ways really. Freedom, misfortune, humour, to name a few. Descriptive words that are all pertinent. For me my brain seems to define and translate these scenes as a mirror, or more like an accurate portrayal of the bitterly unrealistic housing market in Australia. Dreams very much precarious, set alight with passion, crushed with realism. An array of overly inflated pricing which spans across the board. Not even asbestos laden weatherboards in undesirable neighborhoods are safe from it. Those sentimental mid century beauties our parents had the privilege of attaining for their very own has become scarce, leaving acquisition very much up in the air. The great Australian dream of owning an actual house has been reduced to apartment and town house breeding, suburbia mimicking those renowned living standards of New York City. RIP to those infamous backyard barbecue soirees and hangs by the pool; now a given to the lucky few who got in early.


via larent chehere
sonia // daring coco

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