WEARING plain grey t-shirt and harem pants from Country Road. Being comfortably basic on this long weekend. Also this ASOS strappy bra. Probably one of my favorite pieces at the moment, also one I’m having a preposterous time styling. Well styling isn’t the right word per se. You see I can’t seem to find a top that has a truly plunging and wide neckline, one that will show off those straps nicely. Nothing I own or have brought to date is low enough and has me constantly tugging at the hemline to lower it. If you’ve seen something, let me know.

 READING  Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan. I’ve literally just cracked this title open but am seriously enamoured with glimpsing into the secret lives of the worlds 1%. The kind of humans that were they to receive bad service, would make a prompt phone call and buy out the business, immediately ceasing that workers employment. This is a story about a girl and guy who are dating. He invites her to spend the summer in Singapore but forgets to mention just how wealthy his family is. Oh and that he’s the country’s most eligible bachelor. Scheming and shenanigans are sure to follow.

 EATING  chocolate covered Oreos. Those naughty little morsels always sweep me up with memories of our family vacations in Europe throughout the years. Back then Australia wasn’t privy to the deliciousness that is Oreos, even though we were all very much aware of their existence via our television sets. But Western Europe was and those chocolate coated kinds were always within reach. Every single bite brings on fond memories of discarded villas, soaring pastures and dust. Of my aunties terracotta tiled kitchen and the cobblestone driveway/courtyard canopied by densely luscious grape vines at my uncles stark white rendered home.

 PLANNING  my birthday weekend in Las Vegas. As ecstatic as I am to be leaving these shores (sorry Australia but I’ve been grounded here far too long), I’m also quite hesitant because it marks another year older and frankly I don’t want to be. And at the risk of sounding like a petulant brat, why the hell hasn’t the fountain of youth been discovered yet? Or at the very least concocted? Major fail, science. Major.

 LISTENING  to The Killers, Hot Fuss and Greenday’s American Idiot albums. These two have to be my most cherished albums. Hearing them always leaves me overly nostalgic and pining to be nineteen again. A time when I thought I knew it all, was exceedingly ambitious and full of grand ideas. Oh to be young again but to carry with it the smarts learned from the harsh lessons and realities of the last six years.

 USING  snapchat like a mad women. It’s just that much easier to maintain than Instagram. Especially when you’ve been overly preoccupied with work. No filters needed (filters are available though), no over-styled ideals of perfection and no overexposed photography. It’s all 100% real in real time. Zero fakeness. And no I’m still annoyingly unable to regurgitate rainbows. You can check me out on username: soniademacedo. Or if you’re lazy like me, scroll all the way down to the bottom header for my snap code.

 OBSESSED  with this NARS Audacious lipstick in Liv. I brought it a few weeks ago but seemingly forgot all about it. Now I’m itching to wear it out. It’s a distinct shade of vamp; perhaps a little too dark for daytime wear (at least without a tan).

 DREAMING  of a white Christmas. Which is completely unrealistic for these parts; still the heart wants what the heart wants. That said I am in no way ready to embrace any kind of festive spirit. So keep all those glittery baubles and tinsel well away from me. Same goes for all that Christmas countdown nonsense.


sonia // daring coco
sonia // daring coco

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