In every girl’s life there is one most exciting and important day. Surely, that’s her wedding day.


A wedding is to be a well-planned and organized event held in a certain style. Thematic of the feast should be visible in every tiny detail: in bride’s and groom’s attires, in banquet hall decoration, as well as in bridesmaids’ dresses.


The most important unspoken rule of good taste is that no dress at the wedding should overshadow the bride’s one. Only she can afford wearing a luxurious dress. The maids’ images should be elegant but modest enough.


Choosing the cocktail dress which your maids will be able to wear afterwards would be the universal variant. Transformer dresses are highly popular this season. You can wear a transformer dress in different ways, thus every time creating a new image. There are around ten options for transformation. A perfect way to make your dress stunning is using drape and twisted details.


For an open-air wedding that allows a free clothing style, you can choose strapped dresses in a hippy chic style. A lengthened silhouette of a tunic, natural tissues, complex ornaments, lace insertions, beadwork, intense color tones, ethnic motifs- all those are especially actual this season. Among these are teal color bridesmaid dresses.


Young girls who enjoy dancing will surely prefer one more fashion tendency: dresses lengthened on the back and shortened on the front side. It’s simple and festive at the same time! Besides, such dress fashion gives you the possibility to choose sandals of various models, but necessarily high-heeled.


A little black dress is another highly fashionable tendency. Such variant may seem unusual for the wedding but black is always up-to-date. It fits the majority of women, and its options for the bridesmaids are really limitless. Such dress looks great with a bright color accent, for example, with a white clutch, red shoes or a lilac shawl.


The latest wedding fashion trend is choosing the bridesmaids dresses of different fashions but in one color, or vice versa, of a similar fashion but in different colors. Just take a look at these teal chiffon bridesmaid dresses and you will find dresses of various colors you need. Another popular trend in wedding color choice is using all rainbow colors. Various colors of bridesmaids dresses will make the wedding even more picturesque and bright, and each of the maids will be able to choose her own perfect color.




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