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Can you believe there is little over two weeks to go until Christmas Day dawns? I don’t know about you guys but I am yet to even put up my tree. I’ve also given frighteningly very little thought on what to buy my loved ones too, so in a most feeble attempt to get myself into the Christmas spirit I decided I’d attempt to dedicate the month of December to Christmas itself and produce content that is strictly festive related. I actually forged the idea while reading about a fellow bloggers participation in VLOGMAS this year (check her videos out here). So it’s not entirely the same as actual personal videos every single day of the month but more about committing and challenging oneself to one idea for a few weeks.

So for this week’s posting, I’ll be featuring a selection of clickable gift guides/ideas. Trust me, they’ll benefit both you and me (probably me more). For more information, make sure you click on each product/image.

As easy as it is to locate gifts for females in stores and such, finding that perfect something can be anything but. Lets face it, there is such a broad selection out there, you could even say that we are spoilt for choice. And yet it can be the hardest of tasks. I guess there are always those fool-proof choices like candles or perfume. But what about when you’re trying to think outside the box? Make-up can make any girl smile but knowing exactly what they like and what will suit their complexion can also be daunting. I’ve always loved the idea of gifting clothing pieces to friends. Something they’d maybe been lusting over or living frugally for. And of course, my favorite thing to gift (and to receive) has to be coffee table books. I dare thee to find me a being who does not appreciate one?

You can shop my gift guide for her selection below.

What are your go-to’s for gifting females?

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