I think there is a general consensus that when it comes to selecting gifts for guys, we all have the hardest of times doing so. In theory it should be the simplest. In terms of fashions the overall range is nowhere near as broad as that of females. And I suppose you could argue the same goes for interests no? But then I feel like we’re seemingly stereotyping sexes while also being sexist.

Who says you can’t get a dude a candle? Or a toaster for that matter?

That said I do find it considerably hard to purchase gifts for guys. I always feel like my selections are lame. Be it an awesome printed t-shirt or a pair of kicks. I’m never, truly confident in my choices. And maybe that is where my problem lies. My go to is always a t-shirt. Hardly inspiring I guess. So why not stray away from the usual suspects? Not only t-shirts but socks and jocks too. Lets be slightly more creative and stay away from the norm and all without being overly outrageous. Like maybe an awesome pair of Jack Purcell’s. I mean, when guys think of Converse they usually conjure up images of the iconic Chuck Taylor no? And of course there’s appliances for the home. Which should not be classed as a “female” thing either. A hard lesson one Australian company learned with the backlash of their Christmas catalogue and classing everyday kitchen appliances as appropriate for only females! Guys deserve toasters too you know. Especially ones by Smeg, because who doesn’t love Smeg?

What do you find you sway towards when gifting for men?


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