Being Team Dog and having a firm affinity for our furry best friends, of course I had to include this. Plus I know that a lot of you also adore and have fluff babies of your own.

Or have these wonderful humans in your own lives.

We can judge the heart of man by his treatment of animals. // Immanuel Kant

You’ve probably seen this quote fluttering around Facebook or Twitter. It’s shared to death and it’s easy to understand why this is so.

I felt compelled to curate this list, not just for our furry BFF’s but for the humans who love and live for animals too. My last two gift guides (here and here) were about thinking (somewhat) outside the box when it comes to gifting. So why not tie someones gift with their love for animals? I think doing so would make for an exceptional gift; like really, heartwarming. Who could say no to Menswear Dog or some Art Deco fashioned coasters?

And it’s not just humans we can spoil but of course our precious babies too. I don’t know about you guys but I seriously adore spoiling my fur baby. Not just during this time of year; but year round. When she was around two (human years) I had a propensity to overindulge. And when I say overindulge, I mean it. To the point where every time the doorbell rang and I collected a parcel, she expected its inner contents to be exclusively hers. Granted 99% of the time, she was right in thinking so. And while over the years I’ve had to cease in excessive spending (predominantly because her collection of toys had become so vast, I was making her look like a hoarder), I refuse to hold back at Christmas time. Though this year I wanted to get my little Coco-Bean something different to the usual offerings. Like maybe this specialised GoPro harness. I’ve always been curious about what she gets up to in the back garden or even just taking her on mini adventures through the bush and capturing the experience from her vantage point. Of course, she’ll still get those mushy plush toys she dearly loves too. What can I say, I just can’t help myself.

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